Teppu 17v2

Someone pointed out that my translation was subpar and supplied alternate translations of the first 5 pages as proof. Here’s a fixed version with those changes, plus it’s all redone in the industry standard font (not counting background text and the like). The rest of the chapter is probably more accurate, possible exception of Ganeko bitching at Sanae, and even there I’m confident I didn’t put anything outright wrong that will be contradicted later.


Teppu V05c17

Whew, this is a lot more work than Meguru. More pages and they seemed more difficult to translate. I got better/quicker in the process, but the next three chapters will probably take at least 2-3 weeks each. But first I’m going to do another chapter or two of Meguru.

I decided to stick with the Ubuntu font out of principle, though I used some non-free fonts here and there. e: eh, I’ll cave and use wild words

It’ll probably be on every reader site by the end of the day, here’s the dl if you can’t wait or if you’re the one running the site.



Black Garlic

1357868381636This is my attempt at operating the black garlic fermentation oven my friend created. His blog post and actual explanation is here. I’ve had this setup sitting in the corner of the house for a couple months and I’ve even had 4 or 5 different garlics canned up. The first batch he made was quite good and the next batch, using cheaper garlic, was kind of weak, so I got all the different options Albertson’s had, including elephant garlic which isn’t a full clove and might not do as well.

Anyways, I stuck them all in the prepared cooler, which is just as I received it except for a longer power cord, and poked a digital thermometer probe through the side, which is barely visible on the right in this picture.

In the parent project, jars full of rocks and water were used to shield the garlic from direct light and to provide a heat buffer so that the temperature is easier to maintain. I filled a dozen empty beer bottles with water and wired them together in groups of three so they wouldn’t fall over.20130211163313-409

I went back after taking this picture and put pieces of foil over the tops of the bottles. I figured having open bottles of water would just create a lot of humidity which shouldn’t hurt the garlic (it’s sealed in canning jars) but it probably wouldn’t do anything good either. I also ordered a bottle capping device and some caps, so the foil (and wire) are just short-term hacks.

The temp is supposed to be 150F and after a few hours it’s up to 106F. I need to swap out the 60W bulb for a 40W tomorrow and then wait a month for magic to happen.

In news you may care more about, work on Teppu ch17 continues. First pass translation is almost done, should be out this week.

All Rounder Meguru v07c63

The guy translating this has been taking a break for about 6 months, so I’m stepping in. They left off in the middle of volume 7 (6/11 chapters) and volume 10 is out, so there’s plenty of backlog (35 chapters or so)

here’s the first such

I’d be up for a joint with the other scanlator (kotonoha.monkeysomething). more fun doing it alone but the quality would probably be better

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

I’ve had the thing for probably half a year, just sitting there in it’s little anti-static bag. I finally bought a 16GB [micro]SD card, then I finally attained a USB card reader/writer, then I finally downloaded and loaded the Debian Raspberry Pi distro on the card. Then I finally found where the board got to to stick the card in it.

Now I just need to actually plug it in and access it. I’m slow as hell on this stuff but like with every alien incomprehensible thing, I’m building up speed. I’ve got, off the top of my head, three projects to try out, so I’ve got to quit dawdling so much. This blog and post count as work done though, so at this specific moment I’m rock-&-rolling. The starting line is so close.

Binder Clip HD Antenna

20121216150114-418Tim and Co. had made one of these so I resolved to as well. I winged it based on my recollection of theirs but when I plugged it in I didn’t get any results. I redid it following the instructions from YouTube: Binder Clip HDTV Antenna.

Haven’t tested it yet but if it doesn’t work my guess is the sole prefab part (the matching transformer) is to blame. I don’t understand the workings well enough to know if this makes sense or not.

The previous design used an inch thick piece of wood instead of a cd case. This means the binder clips were opened wider. It was also narrower than the cd case so the two rows were closer together. Lastly, I had a strip of aluminum foil under each front edge (paralleling the paperclips but inside the clip) and now I have the small paperclip setup like in the video. No idea which of these differences would make a difference, hopefully all of them since the first attempt yielded zero results.

Update: It didn’t work at my parent’s house, which is 30+ miles from the stations, so I gave it to my sister for Christmas and it does work at her house in the city.
Conclusion: success